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The best application for car diagnostics and control on Android operating system. View your car's OBD parameters in real time, read and reset errors, measure car acceleration, keep fuel consumption stats and much more.  Smart Control will help you drive correctly and attentively to consumption. With little effort it is possible to reduce consumption by around 10-20% compared to careless driving. In addition to saving fuel (for which money) you will pollute less with your petrol and diesel engines and you will have less problems with the particulate filter (FAP / DPF) !!! Let's see


For diesel engines with particulate filter, lower consumption will lengthen the distance between one regeneration and the next with considerable advantages in terms of filter life, problems related to interruptions in filter regenerations (very sensitive with DPF type particulate filters).

For example, using Smart Control a Mazda 3 that had an average consumption of 6.1 lx100km after continuous use with the app went to an average consumption of 5.1lx100km with similar routes. The first regeneration took place on average every 288 km approximately to 360 km between one regeneration and the next !!! Reducing the frequency of regeneration for the same km reduces the risk of interrupting the regeneration with the contraindications that drivers of cars with DPF filter know !!!! In a diesel filter engine with DPF, the regeneration of the filter is one of the causes of degradation of the engine oil so that after a few kilometers the oil will be less degraded with a more careful driving !!!

Thanks to Smart Control you can improve your driving style and reduce your car's fuel consumption!!!
You will be able to record your refueling, check your spending in a period, the consumption recorded based on your trips and compare them with those resulting from the classic 'at the pump' method. Smart Control will provide you with the cost per 100 km of refueling which is very useful for comparing the performance of the various refuelings. This will allow you to understand if a cheaper fuel actually saves you money or has a lower yield which is why it is not convenient.
Advanced supply management you've always been looking for.

The app will check the consumption according to the type of route you're doing and notify you the consumption trend with visual and vocal messages. Not only, it will check many other parameters such as Coolant Temperature (only cars that support the parameter) notifying you high acceleration in cold engine.

Smart Control requires a compatible ELM327 Bluetooth or Wifi (infrastructure mode) device, to be connected to the car via OBDII diagnostic port. Smart Control supports international system, Imperial UK and US customary measurement systems.

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The main reasons that led us to create Smart Control are mainly two:

  • a truly sophisticated consumption analysis tool that would help me improve consumption by understanding the impact you have to various aspects in driving; 

  • have a complete and modern on-board computer made on Android that can be downloaded from Google Play.​

In particular, the aspect of reducing consumption not only saves money...  consuming less also reduces emissions so I thought why 'burn' money and pollute more when with a careful and conscious guide I could save by taking care of the planet? Creating an on-board computer that was truly complete and that exploiting the philosophy of Android apps has many advantages that we all experience every day thanks to modern smartphones. My idea was to have the same advantages in the software of the car that evolved quickly and gave users freedom of choice.  The basic idea is that operating systems for smartphones (such as Android and not only) would also become the standard in the Automotive sector, bringing innovation and competition in the software of this sector. This prospect has occurred only in a small part (with Android Auto and now Automotive) but this vision clashes with an attitude of extreme closure on the part of Google and car manufacturers that greatly limit its potential. In any case, the first objective of the app that of conscious driving can also be achieved with the use on smartphones and thanks to this the project over the years has grown and improved thanks to the numerous user feedback. I feel the duty to thank once again all the people who have contributed to making Smart Control what it is.

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