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Experience Full Control Over Your Vehicle’s Health and Efficiency

Smart Control OBD provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring your vehicle’s performance directly on your Android device. It offers real-time insights into OBD parameters, allowing you to read and reset error codes, measure car acceleration, and track fuel consumption with precision.

Drive Smarter, Save More

With Smart Control, driving correctly isn’t just about following the rules—it’s about driving smartly and economically. Our app empowers you to reduce your fuel consumption by an impressive 10-20% by promoting attentive and efficient driving habits. This not only saves you money at the pump but also significantly lowers your vehicle’s environmental impact.

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Why We Created Smart Control

Our Vision
At Smart Control, our motivation stems from two primary desires:

  1. To Develop a Sophisticated Consumption Analysis Tool: We aimed to create an advanced tool that would improve fuel efficiency by helping users understand the impact of their driving behaviors on fuel consumption.

  2. To Provide a Modern On-Board Computer for Android: Available for download from Google Play, this system harnesses the versatility of Android apps, bringing smartphone-like usability and innovation to your vehicle's dashboard.


Driving Economically and Ecologically
Why waste money and increase emissions when you can drive economically and sustainably? With Smart Control, reducing fuel consumption not only saves you money but also lessens your environmental impact. Our comprehensive on-board computer leverages Android's open platform to provide a user experience that adapts quickly to your needs, offering freedom of choice and innovative features.

The Challenge of Modern Automotive Software
While platforms like Android Auto have made strides, we believe in pushing the boundaries further. Despite resistance from traditional automotive and tech giants, we continue to champion the integration of smartphone operating systems into automotive technology, promoting innovation and competition.

Community-Driven Improvements
Thanks to valuable user feedback, Smart Control has evolved significantly over the years. We owe a great debt of gratitude to our community for their contributions to making Smart Control what it is today.

Specific Benefits for Diesel Engines:
For vehicles with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), using Smart Control can significantly extend the life of your filter by reducing the frequency of regeneration cycles. This not only prevents common DPF issues but also minimizes the degradation of engine oil.

Real-World Impact
Consider the example of a Mazda 3, which saw its fuel consumption reduce from 6.1 to 5.1 liters per 100km after regular use of Smart Control. This reduction in fuel use also led to an increase in the distance between regeneration cycles from 288 km to 360 km, illustrating significant efficiency improvements.

Comprehensive Vehicle Management
With Smart Control, you can:

  • Track and record your refueling sessions.

  • Monitor your expenditure over time.

  • Assess fuel consumption for each trip and compare it with standard pump measurements.

  • Receive detailed cost analysis per 100 km to optimize your fuel purchases.

Adaptive Feedback System
The app analyzes consumption patterns based on the type of route and provides real-time visual and vocal feedback. It also monitors various vehicle parameters like coolant temperature (for supported models), alerting you to potential inefficiencies like high acceleration when the engine is cold.

Compatibility and Support
Smart Control requires a compatible ELM327 Bluetooth or WiFi device connected through your car's OBDII port. It supports multiple measurement systems, including international, Imperial UK, and US customary, making it versatile for global use.

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