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Versions: Lite vs Full

Smart Control OBD: Streamlined and Powerful

  • Lite Version
    Functionality Check: Test your app's compatibility with your phone, Android version, and OBD device. Basic Features: Experience the core functionalities of Smart Control.Limited Customization and Data Recording: Personalize themes temporarily and record limited data (e.g., refuelings, movements).

  • Full Version - Available Through In-App Purchase
    Unlock Full Potential: Gain unrestricted access to all features by upgrading within the app. Permanent Customization and Comprehensive Data: Keep your custom themes and access full historical data and advanced features. Find Your Car: Locate your car's last recorded position via the app. 

Make the Most of Smart Control: Upgrade to the full version through a simple in-app purchase to enjoy the complete range of features and enhance your driving experience.

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