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We have collected the comments that in our opinion best represent the users' judgment about the app. The main statistics concerning the app, etc.

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The history of the app

Smart Control was born with the idea that Android would sooner or later become the standard for the development of features in the Automotive sector. Smart Control was born as an evolved on-board computer developed in Android with the idea that in the future it would be installed in the car's on-board systems: Android Auto and Android Automotive are projects that go in this direction. Google is exploiting its position to prevent third-party apps from entering the automotive sector, for this reason it has limited the apps for the two automotive platforms to listening to music, navigation and little more.

To grow and mature the app was published several years ago on Google Play, the intent was to exploit user feedback to make the various parts stable and functional and implement new features based on user feedback. It has been completely free for many years, but given the considerable effort to make it and the fact that the market was not going in the desired direction, I decided to do a full paid version, while the free version (Lite) has some limitations that the however, they make it useful for many who do not need all the functions.

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