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Privacy Policy

​This is the privacy policy for Smart Control Premium and Lite
Smart Control Premium and Lite records the location related to travel (while connecting to the OBD) even in the background when the app is not open. This way it is possible to have a complete history of the trips made: it records the position where the various data (OBD parameters), performance, etc. are read. Like all other data recorded by the app, they are kept only on the phone and are not transmitted externally.

Your data is your own - nothing is uploaded in the app unless you specifically tell it to upload.  No uploaded data sent by the user to the website is ever shared with third parties.

From time to time, the deverloper may look at some data and log to  better understand how to fix a problem or to try and add a new features to the app only if sended by a user.  None of this data will be shared with other parties. No data is automatically collected and sent by the apps. Smart Control Premium, Lite do not send any data.


The apps use several permissions which are required for parts of Smart Control to function correctly - this includes GPS data, Bluetooth, WiFi access (for connecting to WiFi adapters)

Website privacy

Cookies on the site are used to better understand how users are using the site and to allow the site to function.  Cookies set by this sites webserver will not be shared with third parties.  Cookies set by third parties (Google Analytics, etc) will be subject to their own privacy policies which can be checked on their sites

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