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OBDII: Benvenuto

Compatible OBD2 / ELM327 devices

This is the list of recommended ELM327/OBD2 compatible Bluetooth interfaces for Smart Control apps (Lite and Premium):

The above list is purely indicative and only serves to indicate the certainly compatible models with which the app works. For the choice of the most suitable product for your use, I advise you to  search online all features to understand the safety and reliability of the various devices. The above indication is a summary of the performance and functionality characteristics of the device. For informed use, I recommend that you carefully read the characteristics of the various devices.

As a general rule, the following adapters will work with our applications:

  1. All based on genuine (original) ELM327 chip with version 1.4/2.1/2.2

  2. Most likely, all clones, marked as “v1.4” or “v.1.5”, but with the price $20 or higher.

In any case, you can try compatibility with your OBD device with the free version of Smart Control.

What is OBD2?

In short, OBD2 is your vehicle's built-in self-diagnostic system.

You've probably encountered OBD2 already:

Ever noticed the malfunction indicator light on your dashboard?

That is your car telling you there is an issue. If you visit a mechanic, he will use an OBD2 scanner to diagnose the issue.

To do so, he will connect the OBD2 reader to the OBD2 16 pin connector near the steering wheel.

This lets him read OBD2 codes aka Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) to review and troubleshoot the issue.

What is ELM327?

Remarkable technology from ELM electronics, ELM327 is a microcontroller programmed to translate the OBD interface you have in your vehicle. This interface is quite popular for its compatibility with a wide range of OBD2 protocols.

OBD2 devices
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